Drew Giovannoli

I am an entrepreneur, a musician, foodie, travel enthusiast and eternally interested in business strategy. After working in consulting for 2 years, I joined the Techstars Austin staff for the 2013 program, and now work as the Marketing and Operations Manager at Fosbury.

I received my B.S. in Economics and Entrepreneurship from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. I also spent 4 months studying in Milan, Italy at Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.

Contact me at drew.giovannoli@gmail.com

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Hi all, 

I wanted to share my new Social Event Promotion company PhotoPlay Events. I’ve talked about it a little bit in past posts, but now that I have a couple successful events and a landing page up I’d like to introduce the product. 

PhotoPlay Events helps to “Engage Crowds to Deliver Value” for bars, sports and concert venues, any any business holding events. It works by holding a social photo contest, where any photo submitted to a chosen @username gets pulled into a contest gallery where people can view and share your photos seen in the BlackFinn contest we had.

How does this help?

Exposure: Every photo submitted through twitter reaches hundreds, potentially thousands branded with your name. This your customers are organically showing all their friends the great time they are having at your event inviting them back for more. 

Sales: You can easily direct what people are taking photos of to encourage sales of high margin items. Or, direct people to donation or merchandise pages with custom headers.

So if you’re holding an event soon, or are interested in learning more - message me at admin@photoplay.co. 

What do you think?

I must briefly jump months ahead in the PhotoPlay story to tell you about the spinoff project I am super excited about called PhotoPlay Events. It applies my original theory that there is a huge opportunity with the development of media creation on mobile phones (holy shit Instagram), and applies it to a B2B strategy.

PhotoPlay Events is tool that encourages fans to capture the best moments of your event in photographs, engage them in a contest, and create massive viral excitement. 

So you’re in charge of promoting an great event, whether it’s a concert, sporting event or charity and you have two goals in mind.

1. Raise $$$ in the form of either ticket sales or donations.

2. Explode awareness about your event

Why not collect photos from the people who love you most, and have them share with thousands on social networks. Have sponsors pay for the contest and prizes, and place a button that links to your ticket sales/donations.

How does it work?

Pick a keyword like #Astros, or #Lollapalooza

Then promote a photo contest with that #hashtag during the event

Leverage sponsors of the event to bring in great prizes (as sponsors of the contests, they’ll also help you promote it

During the event, any photo that is tweeted with that hashtag will be pulled onto an online viewing gallery on the events website

People will vote for photos in the contests, filtering out garbage and showcasing the best.

So far you’ve:

  • Engaged your audience, having them participate in a game
  • Generated thousands of photos, filtered publicly for popularity
  • Sent thousands of photos to twitter with your #hashtag, creating massive awareness

Do you have interest an in startups? Click comments below and let me know what you think! Any questions, recommendations, or know someone who might be interested? 

**Also - if you know any computer engineers with experience in Twitter API and HTML5 please share my story and contact me. I am actively looking for hires and partners.