Drew Giovannoli

I am an entrepreneur, a musician, foodie, travel enthusiast and eternally interested in business strategy. After working in consulting for 2 years, I joined the Techstars Austin staff for the 2013 program, and now work as the Marketing and Operations Manager at Fosbury.

I received my B.S. in Economics and Entrepreneurship from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. I also spent 4 months studying in Milan, Italy at Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.

Contact me at drew.giovannoli@gmail.com

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I have not been murdered or mugged yet, as my friend Rachel’s has warned, but have formed some incredible relationships through a site named Meetup.com

Meetup.com is a platform that connects people with similar interests by location. Complete strangers can meet up with interests that range from age 50+ singles nights(have not attended), to volleyball (attended), and entrepreneur meetups (attended). Is meeting with strangers is dangerous? Nah, and we tend to meet in public places so at least I have that going for me.

I found this site shortly after arriving in Houston, TX and not knowing anyone I could talk to about my passion of building new businesses. I had searched the web and stumbled upon Meetup.com where I found a group called “GroundUp.”  This entrepreneur group that met for coffee and networked with each other, swapped stories and problems merely looking to help each other out. 

I highly recommend meetups if you:

  • Like free pizza
  • Want to find people who are into your interests
  • Really want to immerse yourself into a community, beyond college and work colleagues 

At my first meeting, I was fortunate to meet a ton of people, including lawyers I’ve called on for help, a super connector who knows everyone in the community for any need, a 40+ year old entrepreneur who was launching a video site similar to my own, and many more. Some had launched products, and some just had ideas, but it  was really a wonderful experience to be around people with the same love of entrepreneurship that I have. From this group I gained new friends, a ton of knowledge, a small beta group for the launch of PhotoPlay.me, and I still look forward to going when I can.

Recently I have been on the search for a technical co-founder. The biggest reason being that I am looking to increase the speed at which I can change and improve my products, and more recently because incubators like techstars show much more preference to teams with a solid technical foundation.

How does this relate??

Instead of going to just entrepreneur meetups, I started going to technical driven meetups discussing MYSQL database, Android Development, Python coding and more. I know little about the technical side in these areas but by going to their meetups, I was able to learn enough to converse somewhat intellectually, and meet people who might be a good match. 

I love meeting people with totally different experiences and stories than me, but by nature, they are hard to meet. How do you meet new people??

Also I am still looking for people with technical background in Twitter API to talk to for hired jobs and/or potential partnerships! Please contact me